When the lives of students and educators are in danger, the emergency response must be immediate. Given the size and complexity of many education campuses, this is no small feat. A mobile duress alarm system can provide notification of life safety situations, along with location information, alerting staff and students in addition to on-campus security and emergency services, giving them the critical information they need to respond effectively.


Fast, Simple Lockdowns

Anyone with a wireless panic button can be empowered to improve school safety. The faster and easier a lockdown can be initiated, the more effective it can be. When a panic button is pressed, it can to immediately initiate an emergency response – such as the school’s existing lockdown procedure, saving precious time when it matters most.

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Mobile Panic Buttons in Schools

Wireless panic buttons can facilitate intervention by providing teachers with a discreet and effective method to alert responders to a situation. Unlike many fixed alerting methods like intercom buttons, teachers can carry panic buttons throughout the entire campus, covering areas outside the classroom like hallways, playgrounds and parking lots.

Everyday School Violence

A study from the U.S. Secret Service found that two-thirds of school shootings had been perpetrated by students who had been bullied. Teachers are on the front lines when it comes to everyday school violence and bullying, but may not have the ability to intervene or signal for help without putting themselves in danger. Up to 80% report being victimized at least once in the previous year. Establishing a safer environment by providing an easy method for teachers to signal for help with panic buttons is a starting point for reducing everyday school violence.

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