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Submetering is the most accurate method of recovering variable utility costs in the multifamily housing market. By measuring each individual resident’s utility consumption, and then billing them directly for their use, multifamily properties benefit from reduced variable utility costs, improved net operating income, and increased property value.


Unlike ratio utility billing systems (RUBS), a submetering system tracks each resident’s monthly utility use, and a billing company provides a bill to each resident based on their personal usage. Submetering not only reduces a property’s operating expenses, but also encourages utility conservation among residents.

Submetering not only saves money, but it also improves the marketability of your property. With your residents responsible for their own utilities, you can offer more competitive rents that attract more residents and reduce tenant turnover.

Our wireless submetering system is compatible with most popular water, electric, and gas meters, enabling your property to recover virtually all utility expenses associated with individual apartment units. With this system, your property’s operating budget is no longer affected by utility rate increases or spikes in resident usage. This solution offers a definable return on investment that can be easily calculated to illustrate cost savings.


Submetering is the most accurate and widely-used method of recovering variable utility costs at multifamily properties. It is a proven, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement method to recover water, electric, and gas expenses.

Your properties benefit from

  • Increased cash flow and operating income by eliminating variable utility costs
  • Improved net operating income
  • Increased property value
  • Improved tenant satisfaction
  • Conservation of water and other resources

Hardwired submetering products are labor intensive, time consuming, and costly. With a wireless system, you can quickly and easily install submeters in new and retrofit buildings. Our systems require much less labor than touch-pad or walk-by systems, as the communications software allows for data retrieval from remote sites.

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