Environmental Sensors


Activity Sensor

The EN1241-60 activity sensor is designed specifically for residential and senior living environments where a notification of daily activity is necessary. Learn More »


Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector

The EN1243 EchoStream wireless smoke/heat detector features an onboard sounder, a smoke and heat sensor, and an LED set and local test capability to allow the user total visibility of its functionality. Learn More »


Current/Voltage Data Transmitter

The Inovonics dual analog input wireless transmitter supports user-selectable dual channel input on a single device. Learn More »


Integrated Temperature/Humidity Transmitter

The Inovonics is designed for indoor use in moderate temperatures and features an onboard temperature and humidity sensor. Learn More »


Temperature/Humidity Transmitter

The Inovonics temperature/humidity transmitter is designed for harsh environments, where condensation, frost, temperature, or humidity fluctuations are a concern. Learn More »


Dual Input Temperature Transmitter

The Inovonics dual input temperature transmitter provides internal measurement and external thermistor options in a single device. Learn More »

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