Intrusion Detection


Door/Window Transmitter with Reed Switch

The Inovonics EN1210W door/window transmitter with reed switch includes a built-in, side mounted magnetic reed switch, with a magnet that supports a 5/8" gap. Learn More »


Door/Window Transmitter with Wall Tamper, Reed Switch, and EOL Protection

The Inovonics door/window transmitter with wall tamper, reed switch, and EOL protection has a built-in magnetic reed switch on the side, with a magnet that supports a 5/8" gap. Learn More »


Glassbreak Detector Transmitter

The Inovonics glassbreak detector transmitter utilizes GE Interlogix's ShatterPro II Pattern Recognition Technology for proven performance, extended range and increased immunity to false alarms. Learn More »


Wall Mount Motion Detector

The Inovonics wall mount motion detector is designed for commercial and high-end domestic applications, and features a rounded design to blend in with the surrounding environment. Learn More »


High Traffic Four Element Motion Detector

The Inovonics high traffic four element motion detector solves the battery limitation problems of motion sensors in commercial applications through an intelligent sleep timer and superior battery technology. Learn More »


Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

The Inovonics motion detector with pet immunity is designed for residential and low-traffic commercial applications, with less than 100 activations a day. Learn More »


360° Ceiling Mount Motion Detector

The Inovonics 360° ceiling mount motion detector is a wireless four-element passive infrared intrusion detector for use in ceiling mount applications. Learn More »

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