Four Element Motion Detector

The Inovonics EE1261 four element motion detector is a wireless motion detector that features a detection range of 15 meters, fixed or variable sleep time, a walk test feature, a front and rear tamper switch, and increased immunity to radio frequency interference, vibration, static, lighting ambient temperature changes, and other causes of false activation. The four element motion detector is designed with pet immunity up to 15kg weight and 30cm height.

Key Features

  • Highly sensitive four element motion sensor
  • Fixed and variable sleep timer settings
  • Selectable sleep timer duration
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • 868 - 870 MHz Europe



Compatible Products

  • EE4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EE4200-HSG

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EE4216MR

    16 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EE4232MR

    32 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EE5000

    High Power Repeater

  • BAT604-12

    3.0V Replacement Battery