Powered by Inovonics & AuthorizedPlus

With unsurpassed scalability and reliability, Inovonics wireless systems have been the choice for commercial applications for over 30 years. As such, we provide Powered by Inovonics and AuthorizedPlus logos to enable partners to communicate their integrations and training qualifications proudly on their sales and marketing materials.

Powered by Inovonics Logo

What is the Powered by Inovonics logo and who is permitted to use it?

The Powered by Inovonics logo is used in our Security, Senior Living and Commercial Monitoring vertical markets. Partners using Inovonics to create panel interfaces and/or customized integrations are encouraged to use this logo following approval by your account manager/regional sales manager. Interested in using this logo? Request more information below.

    By clicking on the box above, you and your company agree to the following terms of use for the Inovonics product image files. All Inovonics marketing images are provided by and owned solely by Inovonics. Image files may not be shared. All users must first complete the Inovonics Image Use Release Form and receive written permission from Inovonics to use images. Upon approval, Inovonics images/logos may be used for online and print purposes. All images used must come directly from Inovonics. All print use of our images must be printed at an industry standard of 300 dpi. Product and/or other marketing images must be acknowledged as Inovonics products/images when used. Inovonics reserves the right to require use of photos to adhere to the standards of Inovonics’ branding guidelines. If terms of this agreement are breached, Inovonics reserves the right to request that your company cease usage of any images provided.

What is the AuthorizedPlus logo and who is permitted to use it?

The Inovonics AuthorizedPlus logo is used by our submetering partners who have undergone extensive training and testing to validate their expertise in installing and maintaining Inovonics submetering systems. Learn more about the AuthorizedPlus program, or contact your Inovonics regional sales manager. Once you’ve completed this training you may request logo files below.