Mobile Duress

Protecting People With a Mobile Duress System

A mobile duress or enterprise mobile duress (EMD) system goes beyond traditional security approaches that advocate a layered approach of access control, video monitoring, and intrusion detection to protect a building and its assets. EMD systems provide an additional layer of protection focused specifically on the safety of highly mobile people within and around the facility.


Panic buttons provide an additional layer of protection focused specifically on the safety of highly mobile people within and around the facility. Inovonics mobile duress panic buttons are easily integrated into security systems to provide an effective increase in workplace safety.

With an enterprise mobile duress system in place, an organization can develop a holistic security solution that includes the ever important aspect of people protection.


Mobile Duress Systems in Schools

Teachers witness everyday violence but may not have the ability to intervene or signal for help without putting themselves in danger. Establishing a safer environment by providing an easy method for teachers to signal for help with panic buttons can reduce response times, facilitate intervention and provide a safer, more comfortable environment for students and teachers to focus on learning.

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Panic Buttons for Hospitals

Hospitals around the world struggle with workplace violence. The Center for Personal Protection and Safety reports that healthcare professionals are 16 times more likely to be attacked on the job than any other service professionals. Mobile duress panic buttons provide a discreet and simple method for nurses to signal for help before a situation gets out of hand.

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Increasing Commercial Building Safety

Commercial buildings are no less vulnerable to workplace violence and dangers on the premises. Employees can easily signal for help if a violent situation arises, reducing response times and fostering a safer environment where help is easily accessible. Commercial building dangers can often be present, especially for lone workers dealing with hazardous equipment. By providing a simple method to signal for assistance, employers can increase employee safety within a commercial environment.

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