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Inovonics Wireless AMR for MultiFamily Housing

Wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Solutions

Submetering via a wireless AMR enables property owners to automatically collect consumption data from water, electric, or gas meters. With this information property owners bill tenants based on actual consumption, rather than ratio utility billing systems (RUBS) which divides utility bills equally between the number of apartments. While easy to deploy, RUBS can result in tenant billing disputes and do not encourage conservation. Some MFH property owners have made the conscious decision to submeter their properties, and depending on the jurisdiction, AMR for multifamily properties may be required.

Inovonics Wireless Submetering AMR for Multifamily Housing (MFH) Properties

Inovonics pioneered wireless AMR submetering in 1997. Over the decades, more property owners have relied upon Inovonics than any other provider. In fact, the industry has deployed millions of Inovonics pulse meter transmitters to date.

For property owners interested in cost effective submetering, Inovonics proven hardware wirelessly transmits consumption (also known as meter reads) data for each tenant to the Inovonics TapWatch application. A utility billing and submetering service, also known as a read, bill and collect (RBC) provider, accesses this information for use in their billing system.

Inovonics Submetering Hardware

For over 20 years, Inovonics has supplied dependable wireless networks for multifamily housing properties. The patented Inovonics EchoStream® 900MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology is purpose-built to successfully transmit reads data across what is otherwise a highly wireless-unfriendly, commercially constructed MFH apartment complex. Inovonics sets the wireless submetering standard for others to follow.

Inovonics Submetering Software – TapWatch

The Inovonics TapWatch application is the brains behind the Inovonics wireless automatic meter reading (AMR) solution. In a process known as submetering, TapWatch receives reads data from Inovonics pulse meter transmitters that track each tenants’ monthly utility usage. A utility billing and submetering service, also known as a read, bill and collect (RBC), provider accesses this information for use in their billing system. The billing system generates a bill for each tenant based on their personal usage. Learn more about Inovonics TapWatch software.

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