Inovonics Announces NEW Honeywell Panel Integration

Receiver and Panel

We are pleased to announce the release of the new EN7290 EchoStream® receiver/interface for Honeywell Commercial VISTA panels, designed to add Inovonics commercial wireless endpoints and panic buttons to the Honeywell VISTA-128 and VISTA-250 series control panels.

About Inovonics EchoStream Technology and EN7290 Receiver
Inovonics’ line of wireless intrusion detection devices, powered by EchoStream wireless technology, is designed with today’s applications in mind. The high power repeater network intelligently amplifies transmission from any EchoStream transmitter to penetrate all types of building construction thus eliminating the need for labor associated with wired installs. EchoStream wireless provides the flexibility to cover large commercial buildings as well as multi-building campuses.

The EN7290 receiver/interface converts Inovonics EchoStream wireless messages for compatibility with the Honeywell VISTA-128 and VISTA-250 series panels. The EN7290 supports up to 512 registered devices.

About Honeywell VISTA-128 Control Panels
The Honeywell VISTA-128 series control panels are powerful members of the Honeywell family of commercial alarm panels, integrating burglary, CCTV and access control functions. These panels support up to 128 wireless zones and up to two Inovonics or Honeywell receivers.  To learn more about the Honeywell VISTA-128 control panels, click here.

About Honeywell VISTA-250 Control Panels
The Honeywell VISTA-250 control panels are designed for commercial burglary alarm control.  These panels support up to 249 wireless zones and can support up to two Inovonics or Honeywell receivers.  To learn more about the Honeywell VISTA-250 control panels, click here.

Click on the links below to learn more.

EN7290 Product Guide
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EN7290 How-To Videos

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