Where Inovonics Products are Certified for Use

Inovonics is certified to sell, ship and support products in the following countries on this map and listings below. Please note that each region has its own set of frequency allocations in accordance with the The International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Click on the image below for a larger view of the map.

For additional regulatory information, please visit our Regulatory Compliance page.

Regional Partners & Sales Contacts

North America

EN Products
902-928 MHz

  • Canada
  • United States

How to Buy in North America

Inovonics SecurityInovonics Senior LivingInovonics Commercial MonitoringInovonics Submetering

Products Available in North America

North American Products

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For inquiries regarding North American sales please use the button below to find your regional sales manager.

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Australia & New Zealand

EN Products
902-928 MHz

  • Australia (915-928 MHz)
  • New Zealand (921-928 MHz)

How to Buy in Australia & New Zealand

Inovonics SecurityInovonics Senior Living

Products Available in Australia & New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand Products

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For sales inquiries regarding Australia & New Zealand, please contact our partners on the How to Buy page here for security and here for senior living.

If you need additional assistance or are interested in becoming a partner, please Eric Banghart, Manager of Global Sales at ebanghart@inovonics.com.