Multifamily Submetering Wireless Solutions

Inovonics pioneered wireless automatic meter reading for submetering. The industry has deployed millions of Inovonics pulse meter transmitters to date, and more property owners rely upon the Inovonics TapWatch submetering system than any other provider.

Utility billing and submetering services rely on the proven Inovonics TapWatch submetering system to wirelessly log consumption data for each tenant, so that they can use it in their billing system. Submetering enables property owners to automatically collect consumption data from water, electric, or gas meters, and allow tenants to be billed based on their actual consumption, rather than using ratio utility billing systems which divide utility bills equally between units. Not only does submetering encourage conservation, it is the fairest way to allocate utility expenses. In fact, depending on local regulations, it may be required.

From our first system running on Windows 97, through the 2018 launch of the cloud-based TapWatch application, Inovonics sets the submetering standard that others to follow.


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