People Behind the Products

For more than 35 years, Inovonics has been the industry leader in commercial wireless. This is in large part due to the passionate and innovative individuals who create and maintain our reliable solutions. The following Inovonics People Behind the Products are key to our success because they are personally invested in your success.

Learn more about our team and how we work together to create and maintain the dependable products and cloud based software that you’ve come to trust for your projects.

Mikal Paugh, Engineering Test Technician at Inovonics, has over 23 years’ experience working with our products and customers.  She knows firsthand how important testing is for quality control and with her extensive background she knows how to put herself in our customers’ shoes to ensure the highest product standards.

John Tanton, Technical Services Supervisor at Inovonics, knows our products inside and out. If you have an installation question or problem that needs solving, John and his team are always ready to help.

Reid Hill, Warehouse Supervisor, and Scott Richards, Incoming Quality Inspector, are part of the vitally important Shipping and Receiving team at Inovonics.

Sandy Fisher, Rocky Mountain/Canada Regional Sales Manager, has supported Inovonics customers for over 27 years! Whether it’s a simple installation question or an over system design and sensing strategy, Sandy knows just how to customize a commercial wireless solution.

Divyesh Patel, Director of Software Engineering, brings cohesion and promise for the future with his dedicated and hardworking Software Engineering team.

Garrett Hoffman, Operations Program Manager, persistently drives the team towards high quality and consistency in manufacturing.

Elyse Frazier, Technical Services Representative, is a key trouble shooter and problem solver on the Technical Services team.

As technical lead and mentor for almost five years at Inovonics, Chris Platt, Principal Firmware Engineer, is always available to support and guide projects as needed.

Meet the Inovonics Test Engineering Team – the gatekeepers of our products before they go out into the world. They’re personally invested in the reliability and performance of our products.

With degrees in Computer, Electrical, and Biomedical Engineering, in addition to her education and background as a practicing nurse, Minh Anh Thi Nguyen, Staff Hardware Engineer, brings a phenomenal range of experience and ideas to Inovonics.

Meet Hari Gajapathy, an Inovonics intern who brings new perspective and continuous improvement efforts to the team.

Meet Lena Sokolowki, Controller at Inovonics. Previously a professional athlete for 9 years, competing in 9 different countries, recently completing her master’s degree, a mother of 3, and an exceptional manager of the Inovonics accounting team. Her incomparable drive and encouraging leadership style makes her an essential part of the team.