RANGE Unparalleled network infrastructure. The intelligent repeater network
accommodates virtually any size application,
using a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum
technology that sets a new industry standard
in commercial wireless range possibilities.
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With over 30 years in commercial wireless
leadership, Inovonics has developed some of
the industry’s most dependable
high-performance sensor networks.
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FLEXIBILITY Unmatched flexible integration The panel-agnostic EchoStream® network can
connect to almost any security system, offering
direct interfaces with most industry leading
control panels and an extensive selection of transmitters.
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that works.

With more than 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, Inovonics provides high performance wireless sensor networks in industries such as commercial security, senior living, multifamily submetering, commercial monitoring and commercial fire. The EchoStream® family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network, and receivers and gateways allow for integration into a variety of application-specific hardware and software head-ends.

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Commercial SecurityCommercial Security

Inovonics Commercial Security products protect some of the world’s most sensitive buildings. The panel-agnostic EchoStream® network. Read More »

MultiFamily SubmeteringMultiFamily Submetering

Inovonics MultiFamily Submetering products have pioneered the wireless automatic meter reading industry having deployed million. Read More »

Senior LivingSenior Living

Inovonics Senior Living products help emergency call system providers deliver reliable, effective and innovative solutions. Read More »

Commercial MonitoringCommercial Monitoring

Inovonics Commercial Monitoring products are designed to monitor mission critical conditions at commercial properties. Read More »

Commercial FireCommercial Fire

Inovonics Fire products operate on the scalable EchoStream® network, designed to integrate easily into fire alarm systems. Read More »

Featured Products

Survey Tools

Get it right the first time! The EN7017 survey kit and app provides security integrators with a wireless blueprint in advance of installing devices, allowing the quick preparation of accurate quotes

Automatic notification of both signal repeater signal strength
Protective and professional storage
Intuitive display and mobile flexibility

Latest News

2022 Emergency Notification Deep Dive Report

May 20, 2022 Inovonics was recently included in the annual 2022 Emergency Notification Deep Dive Report distributed by Campus Safety Magazine. Read Article »

Emergency Duress for Hospitals

May 5, 2022 As workplace violence increases dramatically in overstressed hospital environments, technology can help speed a response. Read Article »

Inovonics Announces Mobile Duress API ...

March 22, 2022

Westminster, Colo., March 22, 2022 – Inovonics, an industry leader in highly reliable wireless solutions for life-safety applications, announces that.

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What Our Clients Say

``The greatest benefit of Inovonics products is their reliability. For our pendants to work effectively, we need to make sure our customer’s residents wear them, and if the residents don't trust the reliability, they won’t. Because of Inovonics reliability, it was fairly simple to get most of the residents to trust the system and wear the pendants.``- Ryan Entzel | CTO | LTC Solutions
``Inovonics products are the easiest to install and use, and have the least expensive repair requirements in the long-term. We've installed, repaired and recommended Inovonics products since 2001!``- Diana Monagas | Vice President | ProTech Contracting, Inc
``We are building our company from the ground up, and started using Inovonics products for temperature monitoring in Critical Access Hospitals. Using Inovonics, we have now expanded our offerings to pressure and humidity measurement, opening us up to five new classes of customers, and allowing us to grow our business 200% in 2017, and 400% in 2018. Thanks!``- Jim Stockwood | Investor | Rastix
``Inovonics products have workhorse reliability and competitive pricing, as well as predictable delivery schedules, and great customer service. We have never been left in the lurch due to lack of service.``- Arthur Blankenship| President | Argen Billing & Conservation
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