Inovonics is the industry leader in high performance wireless sensor networks for life safety applications. With more than 10 million Inovonics wireless devices deployed across the world, Inovonics is renowned for exceptional performance and reliability in healthcare, education, government, banking, multifamily housing and senior living.

Mobile Duress

Increase safety and security with mobile duress systems that go beyond traditional security systems with location enabled panic buttons.

Intrusion Detection

Commercial building security can be simpler and more cost effective with Inovonics' wireless security system components. Eliminate costly wire and lower labor rates for security intrusion installations.

MultiFamily Submetering

Recover Utility Costs with TapWatch. More accurate than RUBS, Inovonics' apartment and multifamily wireless submetering helps conserve resources and lower utility bills.

Senior Living Pendant

Designed by residents and their caregivers, the senior living pendant lets residents live their most active life  without compromising safety or style

Inovonics EN1221S-60N and EN1221S-60W waterproof pendants are small, light and comfortable to wear and provide advanced functionality and reliability to enhance the user experience.


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