The Next Wave of Security: Trends and Opportunities in a Tech-Driven World

May 6, 2024 Tom Chittenden, President of Inovonics, discusses how the security industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the advent of new technologies. Learn More »

From Padlocks to the Cloud: How the Security Industry is Getting Smarter

May 6, 2024 Scaling security systems to accommodate growth or changing needs can be complex and expensive. Cloud-based solutions offer a more flexible and cost-effective approach. Learn More »

Do senior living communities need fall detection technology?

May 2, 2024 For older adults, the risk of falling cannot be overstated. Globally, falls are the second most likely cause of accidental death, and the most likely cause of traumatic brain injury. Learn More »

ISC West 2024 Show Floor Spotlight: Inovonics

April 16, 2024 Inovonics' Craig Dever discusses the company's move into cloud services in a video interview with Paul Rothman, Editor-in-Chief at Security Business Magazine. Learn More »

Cloud Innovation Sets the Tone at ISC West 2024

April 11, 2024 Inovonics meets the ongoing demand for cloud solutions in security at ISC West 2024 - featuring Inovonics Cloud Services software along side the reliable and flexible hardware they're known for. Learn More »

Inovonics to feature Inovonics Cloud Services software at ISC West, booth #3103

April 5, 2024 Inovonics, known for four decades of providing wireless security hardware, plans to feature their innovative new Inovonics Cloud Services at ISC West this year. Learn More »

Improved Outcomes and Staff Efficiency Drive an Evolution in Alarm Pendant Technology

March 13, 2024 For decades, resident alarm pendants have been the cornerstone of safety in senior living. Providing independence and peace of mind, they have evolved along with the needs of the industry. Learn More »

Mark Zakhem, Presents at 3DExperience World 2024

February 22, 2024

Mark Zakhem, Staff Hardware Design & Regulatory Engineer at Inovonics, presents at the 3DExperience World 2024 Simulation Domain Session. Click here or below to watch presentation at timestamp 43:50.    

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Inovonics has now returned to standard shipping lead times

February 1, 2024 After a global pandemic, numerous supply chain interruptions and diligent manufacturing efforts to problem-solve, we’re proud to announce that Inovonics has now returned to standard shipping lead times. Learn More »

When Seconds Count: SecureTech’s WAVE Plus Critical Incident Notification System

December 18, 2023 SecureTech’s WAVE Plus critical incident notification system, powered by Inovonics, takes a different approach - notifying first responders directly over the radios that they already carry, speeding up response times by eliminating dispatch delays. Learn More »

The Growth of Cloud-Connected Devices in Security

November 9, 2023 Here is an eye-opening insight: The projected number of cloud-connected devices to be deployed by 2025 is 38 billion, or nearly five devices per person on the planet. Learn More »

Wireless Perimeter Access Control: An Introduction

October 16, 2023 In high-security facilities, it’s not enough to detect threats once they’ve reached the target; intruders must be anticipated before they have the chance to pose a threat. Whether a critical infrastructure site, utility substation or government building, a perimeter access control system can proactively define a perimeter around sensitive areas so that possible intrusions can be dealt with before they ever reach the fence line. Learn More »

More States Require Schools to Install Panic Alarms. Is Your Campus Ready?

August 29, 2023 Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas all require K-12 schools to have panic alarms, and other states may soon follow. Learn More »

2023 Security Innovator Awards

July 17, 2023

The various stakeholders in the security industry are on the cutting edge, constantly innovating new technologies, installations, designs, procedures and more. To read this article see below or visit the digital publication of this issue HERE.            

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Inovonics Specialty Sensors Listed as Top 30 Technology Innovations Award Winner

March 30, 2023 Inovonics specialty sensors have won the honor of being listed in the "Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2022" by Security Sales & Integration magazine.  Learn More »

Improving Campus Security with Mobile Duress Devices and Wireless Sensors

September 30, 2022 Craig Dever from Inovonics talks about the overall benefits of wireless technologies, as well as their real-world applications in education and healthcare. Learn More »

Best Practices for Mobile Duress

August 10, 2022

Learn how integrators can incorporate mobile duress technology into overall security system offerings. To learn more and read this article, click here.

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SSI Product News Update: Inovonics Mobile Duress System

August 10, 2022 Inovonics mobile duress seamlessly integrates into an end customer’s existing physical security infrastructure and is easy to install and cost effective to deploy. Learn More »

Mobile Duress on Campus

June 13, 2022

Learn why incident response is a critical aspect of an effective school security plan, as well as best practices for deployment. To learn more and read this article, click here.

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Choose Your Mobile Duress Devices Wisely

June 2, 2022 When selecting a mobile duress system, be sure it’s supervised, on a dedicated network, and designed for life safety so it will work when you need it. Learn More »

Emergency Duress for Hospitals

May 5, 2022 As workplace violence increases dramatically in overstressed hospital environments, technology can help speed a response. Learn More »

2021’s Security Tech Trend Takeaways

January 21, 2022 SSI taps subject-matter experts from the supplier community to weed out the hyperbole and identify the predominant security technologies introduced during the year, plus top vertical markets and pandemic impacts. Learn More »

K12 Violence: Intervention Using a Mobile Duress System

April 19, 2021 When most people think of school violence, they think of school shootings. The media saturation that covers these disasters makes it unavoidable. Learn More »

Inovonics Virtual Security Conference to Focus on Commercial Life-Safety

October 30, 2020 The free event, Nov. 10-11, will feature a wide range of subject matter experts from across the commercial life-safety ecosystem. Learn More »

Physical Security Measures that can be Adopted to Provide Early Detection in an Active Shooter Situation

March 19, 2020 Besides traditional intrusion detection and access and control, there are a number of security solutions which can be integrated into security systems to help provide early notification of an active shooter incident, even before it begins. Learn More »

Reliable Wireless in Commercial Security Applications

February 13, 2020 Whether your customer is a financial institution, a retail store, school, hospital, or any other commercial entity, the story is the same: Security executives’ budgets are tight and getting tighter... Learn More »

Craig Dever, VP of Sales & Marketing at Inovonics, Comments on the Importance of Silent Alarms in Gray Washington News Bureau Article & Video Segment

August 7, 2019 “The typical school shooter event, it’s over exceedingly quickly,” said Craig Dever, VP of Sales and Marketing at Inovonics. “Time is of the essence,” he explained. Learn More »

Signaling New Opportunities: Wireless Expansion and Emerging Applications

May 29, 2019

It’s an expectation today to be able to connect anytime, anywhere—and that’s where wireless comes in. Wireless technology enables electrical contractors embracing security to leverage traditional hardwired infrastructures and radio frequency (RF), expanding the footprint for deploying solutions. Wireless technology is garnering attention for new and emerging applications such as.

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ISC West 2019: SSN TV News with Mark Jarman and Craig Dever

May 8, 2019 SSN’s Rob Akert speaks with Mark Jarman, President, and Craig Dever, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Inovonics. Learn More »

9 Wireless Security Applications to Help You Upsell Your Security and Life-Safety Systems

September 13, 2018

In addition to intrusion detection, wireless technology offers installation flexibility and cost-savings advantages to upsell into wide-ranging security and life-safety system scenarios. Most security dealers are familiar with wireless intrusion detection devices — motion detectors, door/window transmitters and the like — and understand the advantages of wireless technology. Because wireless.

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Inovonics Engineer, Christian Huber, Dies During High-Alpine Climb in Pakistan

July 6, 2018

Christian Huber, a Principal RF Design Engineer at Inovonics, died unexpectedly on June 29, 2018 while climbing Ultar Sar Peak in Pakistan. An avalanche hit Christian’s camp Friday night during a strong storm at a height of 5,900 meters (6,455 yards). Christian is survived by his son, Caleb. Christian worked.

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ISC West 2018: SSN TV News with Mark Jarman and Craig Dever

May 18, 2018

SSN Regional Sales Manager Rob Akert sits down with Mark Jarman, President and Craig Dever, VP of Sales and Marketing, Inovonics, to talk about new products, cloud integration and other industry trends.

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ISC West 2018 Demo Theater: Inovonics Survey Kit and App

May 11, 2018

Craig Dever, Inovonics VP of Sales,  demonstrates how Inovonics EN7017 Survey Kit and App gives security dealers and integrators a tool to help them quote wireless jobs at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas.

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How to Utilize Security Apps to Optimize RMR

December 18, 2017

Discover the latest security app offerings and how to optimize them for end customers and recurring revenue, as well as enhancing operations. For end users, accessing security and building control systems through smartphones or tablets via apps has moved from wish list to expectation. There are now myriad customized mobile.

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How Duress Alarm Systems Work During Evacuations

November 1, 2017


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Environmental Monitoring for Increased RMR

October 16, 2017

For security dealers and integrators who rely on recurring monthly revenue (RMR), to grow their business, the obvious path to growth is to acquire more customers. An equally valid approach, however, is to upsell an existing customer base by increasing the number of monitored endpoints. This approach has led some.

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Wireless for Commercial Security

September 14, 2017

We live in a wireless world, surrounded by radio frequency (RF) networks that provide our communication, information, livelihoods and entertainment. Our computers, cellular phones and car door remotes all operate using RF technology, and we rely on it every day in a whole host of applications. Although these devices have.

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Debbi Serke Promoted to Executive Team as Sr. Program Manager

September 6, 2017

Debbi Serke is the Senior Program Manager, responsible for strategic new product development projects, corporate program management processes, and related improvement initiatives. Prior to joining Inovonics, Serke spent 24 years at Motorola Solutions, leading professional services teams in systems integration, systems management, and warranty and post warranty services for Government.

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Eric Banghart Promoted to Manager of Global Sales

August 18, 2017

Full article on the Denver Business Journal. Eric Banghart has been promoted to Manager of Global Sales at Inovonics. In the new role, he will oversee Inovonics’ national team of regional territory managers covering the US & Canada. In addition, he will retain national account responsibilities and expand strategic international.

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Protecting Against Water Damage in Senior Living Communities

July 10, 2017

Water damage is a cause for concern in any multi-family housing community. Something as simple as an overflowing sink can turn any apartment into a shallow pool, usually requiring remediation services. Not only must wet carpet be dried; if the damage extends to the baseboards and walls, then there is the.

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Inovonics EN4204R Four Zone Add-on Receiver Gets 7 UL Listings

June 22, 2017

The Inovonics EN4204R four zone add-on receiver with relay outputs features the ability to add up to four EchoStream wireless transmitters. Inovonics, a provider of wireless sensor networks for life safety applications, announces seven new UL listings for the EN4204R four zone add-on receiver with relays: UL365 UL636 UL985 UL1023.

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Inovonics talks about what’s new at ISC West

April 28, 2017

Mark Jarman, Inovonics President, and Craig Dever, Inovonics VP of Sales speak with Tim Purpura, Publisher of Security System News Magazine about what’s new at the ISC West 2017 show.

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Three Standouts at ISC West

April 11, 2017

It’s no secret that ISC West is full of top-notch security companies from across the globe. Walking through the exhibit hall is like treading across a never-ending sea of amazing solutions, products and brand new innovations. While doing some research, there were three companies that made me take notice of.

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Common Security Project Mistakes As Told by ISC West Vendors

April 11, 2017

Each new security project at a college, school or hospital is unique and requires security managers to make different considerations. After hearing some comments about end user misunderstandings in our Access Control survey, Campus Safety thought it would be useful to hear from vendors at ISC West about the most.

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Putting Security on Exhibit

March 29, 2017

THE MONA LISA has been attacked four times over the last century; once with acid, once with a rock, once with paint and once with a teacup. It was also stolen in 1911 by a former Louvre employee, only to be recovered two years later. The attempts at destroying and.

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PERS vs. Enterprise Mobile Duress

February 14, 2017

Nearly everyone has heard of personal emergency response systems, or PERS, which was designed primarily for at-home individuals, often seniors. It allows its users to call for help with the press of a button in exchange for a monthly fee collected by the PERS provider. While similar in look and.

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900 MHz Wireless Hospital Temperature Monitoring: An Alternative to WiFi

January 31, 2017

Wireless temperature monitoring is becoming an increasingly attractive option for hospitals across the United States—and for the clinical labs within the larger institutions. The benefit for clinical laboratorians can be significant: wireless monitoring takes less time than manual logging; it is more efficient; and it provides more accurate and reliable.

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Water Detection for Communities

January 19, 2017

We recently heard from a customer where a resident’s overflowing sink resulted in $20,000 in water damage repairs. What could be done to prevent this? In the United States, the material cost to repair water damage ranges from $12 to $24 per square foot, with an additional labor variance dependent.

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Tom Bjorkman Promoted to Vice President of Finance & Accounting

January 10, 2017

View on the Denver Business Journal. Tom Bjorkman, formally the director of Finance & Accounting, has been promoted to Vice President of Finance & Accounting at Inovonics. He oversees all aspects of the company’s accounting, budgeting and financial operations. Bjorkman originally joined the company in 2013 as its controller.

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Security Roadmap with Collaborative Team

December 28, 2016

In late 2012, Guy Grace, LPS Director of Security and Emergency Planning, Littleton Public Schools, came to an important conclusion, “I was so frustrated with our DVRs that we’d been installing since the last bond issue approval. At first, they were meeting our needs, they could handle the PTZ cameras.

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Choosing the Right Radio Platform for a Commercial Alarm Installation

December 28, 2016

When selecting a radio platform for a commercial intrusion system installation, it’s important to remember a few key technical specifications. Those specifications are: frequency, power, modulation scheme, network infrastructure and network design, and system supervision. First, frequency designations such as 300MHz, 400MHz, 900MHz or 2.4GHz are measures of how a.

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Designing Commercial Alarms With an Eye on the Future

December 8, 2016

Knowing how to design a commercial alarm system that is both affordable and future-proof will benefit dealers, while giving their customers something practical and scalable. “The needs of the customers change,” says Craig Dever, vice president of sales, Inovonics, Louisville, Colo. “Understanding how to employ wireless within that commercial environment.

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Inovonics talks about what’s new at ISC West

April 25, 2016

Mark Jarman, President, and Craig Dever VP of Sales, Inovonics Corp.  talk with Tim about their company, exciting new partnerships and uses for their high performance, scalable wireless sensor networks. Video interview by: Tim Purpura, Publisher of Security System News

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The Latest Product Developments from Inovonics

April 21, 2016

In this video interview, Craig Dever of Inovonics describes some of the cool innovations his company has unveiled recently. Inovonics manufacturers commercial grade wireless alarms, including mobile duress devices, motion sensors and door contacts. Their newest product, the EN7290, is a direct interface with Honeywell’s Vista intrusion panels. Inovonics also.

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Commercial Wireless Comes of Age

March 25, 2016

I have examined Z-Wave in the past, a technology that will revolutionize and grow the home automation market. Just as Z-wave is a purpose-built wireless technology, so too are two others that have been developed for the challenging commercial/enterprise market for very different applications. Just as we see in Z-Wave,.

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Commercial Wireless Comes of Age

March 25, 2016

Last month, I examined Z-Wave, a technology that will revolutionize and grow the home automation market. Just as Z-wave is a purpose-built wireless technology, so too are two others that have been developed for the challenging commercial/enterprise market for very different applications. Just as we see in Z-Wave, wireless technology.

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Wireless Tools Help Preserve Facility Security

January 28, 2016

Wireless is quickly becoming the standard in the security marketplace. Installed in residential homes, commercial buildings, banks, historical sites, hospitals and educational campuses of all sizes, wireless security systems allow all the capabilities of their wired counterparts, but also provide advantages that wired systems couldn’t. Wireless security systems provide all.

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Don Commare, Vice President of Marketing at Inovonics, Discusses the Growth Benefits of Wireless

November 18, 2015

The evolution of wireless technology for both video and access control has allowed end users to implement cost-effective solutions, while providing them flexibility to expand and upgrade technology. This issue we discuss some of the technology and business implications of going wireless. STE: The market for wireless access control is.

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Communicating Visually: Jerry Geis of MessageNet Systems Highlights Applications of Inovonics Wireless Panic Buttons in School Installations

November 17, 2015

Special needs schools, like those that serve deaf children, have unique requirements above and beyond a typical K-12 institution. The typical piercing “fire alarm” sound cannot be heard; emergency announcements over the intercom are silent; and any type of security alert needs to be visual to be understood and acted.

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Ask the Expert: Eric Banghart, Senior Business Development Manager of Inovonics, Talks About Workplace Violence and Going Beyond Traditional Physical Security

November 16, 2015

Eric Banghart is a senior business development manager for healthcare at Inovonics. He has more than 18 years of experience in the medical distribution industry. Prior to Inovonics, Banghart worked for Cardinal Health, Ambulatory Care as director of sales for the West region. Banghart has a bachelor’s degree in business.

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Open Options To Unveil DNA Fusion V6.4 And Integration With Vingtor-Stentofon, Inovonics And Bosch At ASIS 2015

September 23, 2015

Leading access control provider Open Options will unveil DNA Fusion version 6.4 and exciting new integrations with Vingtor-Stentofon, Inovonics, and Bosch at ASIS International’s 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits this September in Anaheim, California. New Partnerships “Our ability to provide the most IT-centric access control solution on the market is.

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CIO Review Magazine Names Inovonics in Top 20 Wireless Providers

June 15, 2015

CIO Review Magazine names Inovonics in their top 20 most promising wireless technology solution providers of 2015.  Read the full article.  Refer to page 14.  

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Protecting School Environments: Connecting Administrators and Security Systems

June 4, 2015

Unlike a university environment where the students are adults and more adequate to be engaged as part of the security solution, a k-12 environment requires a different solution, one that leaves the control at the hand of the teacher. Inovonics is a Colorado-based manufacturer of mobile panic buttons, wireless transmitters.

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Sokoloff & Company Interviews Mark Jarman, President of Inovonics

June 4, 2015

An Interview with Mark Jarman, President Inovonics In 2006, Mark was appointed President of Inovonics. Jarman has more than 16 years of business development, M&A, investor relations, and business management experience in a variety of industries including wireless, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. He earned his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology.

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Helpful Panic Alarm Deployment Tips

November 18, 2014

Craig Dever of Inovonics gave Campus Safety magazine an overview of the company, as well as some helpful tips on the installation and use of mobile duress systems. What would you say to campus protection professionals who are just discovering your company for the first time?  Inovonics, a U.S. manufacturer.

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Weld County School Debuts New School Safety System

October 8, 2014

Weld Central High School has installed the BluePoint Alert System which integrates Inovonics wireless into their pull stations around the campus. Similar to a fire pull station, the blue pull stations alert law enforcement and initiate lockdown procedures almost immediately through the Inovonics wireless network. From 9News Denver: WELD COUNTY.

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Healthcare Security: PERS for the Commercial Sector is Spelled EMD

February 7, 2014

“Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) have supported aging-in-place needs common among many seniors; however, these systems are designed with a residential environment in mind. When looking at a commercial setting, such as a hospital or other healthcare environment, a personal emergency becomes more complicated, involves staff and can often lead.

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4 Tips for School Safety from a K-12 Security Pro

January 10, 2014

It is extremely important to manage disparate technologies to create an accurate picture of a school’s security environment. Take a moment to read through the latest article where the director of security and emergency planning for Littleton public schools outlines tips for increasing school safety. Read Full Article.

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With Rising Copper Prices, Looters Intensify Their Attacks on Vital Societal Infrastructures

February 4, 2011

Current economic recession has resulted in higher theft based on increasing copper prices WHO: Mark Jarman, President Inovonics ( Inovonics is a leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications. David Meurer, vice president Albuquerque Armed Response Team ( The Armed Response Team (ART) was founded.

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Putting Wireless to Work for You

August 20, 2010

Improved range and reliability, along with comparatively low installation costs, are making wireless security more than just practical for commercial projects. In many cases, it’s a necessary choice for integrators to remain competitive and profitable. Read Full Article.  By Mark Jarman August 20, 2010 Whether it is a financial institution,.

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