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Authorized and AuthorizedPlus Submetering Partner Training

Authorized and AuthorizedPlus partner training is available to utility billing providers, installers, and subcontractors. Contact your Inovonics regional sales manager to determine what level of training is right for you.

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Inovonics ESA/NTS CEU Classes

CEU Class TrainingThese classes are designed for security dealers and integrators looking to expand their portfolios by adding wireless technology to the intrusion systems they already offer.

A Structured Approach to Creating a Physical Security Plan Class

Accreditation: ESA/NTS CEU Certified Course, 1 Continuing Education Unit

Description: Creating a security plan can be a daunting task. Using a security system integrator to create your security plan can allow you to use technology to support your plan, but the cornerstone policies and procedures must come first.

Learning Objectives:

Following are some high level steps you can take to begin creating your security plan:

  • Identify the threats: List all the bad things that can happen, from a low-level theft to the extreme example of an active shooter.
  • Assess the threats: Assign a likelihood of occurrence for each identified threat: very likely, likely, not likely.
  • Manage the risks: Identify the best way to handle the risks of each threat, either through assumption, transfer or mitigation.
    • Assumption: Accept the loss or consequence, providing only a minimal effort to address the threat.
    • Transfer: Get someone else to assume the risk, such as by purchasing insurance.
    • Mitigation: Take steps to reduce the risk. For example, by implementing security technology, such as intrusion detection, duress alarm signaling, access control or video surveillance.

Completing these steps of threat assessment and risk analysis will allow you to create your overall security plan.

Advantages of Wireless for Commercial Security Class

Accreditation: ESA/NTS CEU Certified Course (#15-4563), 2 Continuing Education Units

Description: This course is targeted at security dealers and integrators looking to expand their portfolios by adding wireless technology to the intrusion systems they already offer. It will provide an overview of the state of wireless technology in commercial security, discuss why wireless makes good business sense and offer application guidance within the industry. Attendees will learn how to quote, specify and integrate a wireless security system from start to finish.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the state of wireless technology as it applies to commercial security
  • Recognize the benefits of offering wireless within a portfolio
  • Understand the applications of wireless in a commercial security space
  • Quote, specify and integrate wireless installations
  • Confirm wireless devices using survey kits to test end-to-end system decisions
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