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Inovonics is the multifamily and commercial AMR submetering industry standard due to the reliability and quality of Inovonics, and the great technical support.”

AMS Billing Testimonial
Chris Jeffries | Director of OperationsAMS Billing

Inovonics products have workhorse reliability and competitive pricing, as well as predictable delivery schedules, and great customer service. We have never been left in the lurch due to lack of service.

Argen Testimonial
Arthur Blankenship | PresidentArgen Billing & Conservation

“The Inovonics wireless signal has reliability second only to a hardwired connection, with a lower installation cost that comes from eliminating the man hours that would be needed to run wire, and the ability to provide a long range connection where running wire isn’t a reasonable solution. The excellent Inovonics product support and availability of products makes for a superior customer experience!”

ADT Testimonial
Troy Graves | Commercial Sales ConsultantADT

Inovonics provides valuable tools that can be leveraged in a wide range of applications. The range provided by the Inovonics mesh network allows us to solve problems others can’t. Simply put, it works! And well.

Capture Testimonial
Marcus Mitchell | Account ExecutiveCapture Technologies, Inc.

Inovonics lets you think outside the box, so you can get customers you normally would not get, because you can solve problems at a very low cost. Inovonics range can even allow you to prevent intruders before there is a need for detection. In metro areas, intruders know that police response is very slow, but outdoor motion detectors can be placed around a building to send alarms before an intruder can even reach it. I have installed these systems in buildings that have been broken into numerous times, and seen the number of break-ins drop to zero. In rural areas you can even extend the range so that you can detect intruders long before they are reach homes or business. Prevention beats detection every time.

David Kimmich | OwnerCakewalk Technology

Everyone at Inovonics, from sales to invoicing, operates in an extremely professional but incredibly approachable manner, making the process easy and stress free.

Rachel Mason | Financial ControllerThe Communication Connection BC, Inc.

The reliability and radio strength of Inovonics equipment is unsurpassed!

COPP Testimonial
David O. Gaines | Director of Healthcare Business DevelopmentCOPP Integrated Systems

Inovonics has an affordable, easy to use and install product line which provides a reliable alternative to pulling cable where it may otherwise be cost prohibitive to do. It just works. Inovonics also provides a wide breadth of quality wireless products, and their support staff is helpful in designing solutions to fit specific needs.

Convergint Testimonial
Shawn McGuire | Project ManagerConvergint Technologies

Inovonics products are solid, reliable and work as advertised. It would be nearly impossible to build your own products to get the functionality and reliability of Inovonics at anywhere near the price. This is one of those cases where buy vs. make is a no-brainer.

Cornell Testimonial
Ron Gleichner | Technical SupportCornell Communicaions

In discussions of how much money was saved through the utilization of Inovonics, I had a project where I was estimating between $24,000 to $30,000 on materials and labor. This project had 47 doors being monitored by the Inovonics wireless transmitters and these 47 doors would have required and estimated 4,100 feet of conduit and cabling for communications. Additionally, through the use of the wireless technology over 300 hours of labor costs were saved.

ECO Testimonial
Philip Wonder, M.S. | Product ManagerElectric Company of Omaha

“Freedom from the tyranny of wire!”

Matt S. | NAMJohnson Controls

“The greatest benefit of Inovonics products is their reliability. For our pendants to work effectively, we need to make sure our customer’s residents wear them, and if the residents don’t trust the reliability, they won’t. Because of Inovonics reliability, it was fairly simple to get most of the residents to trust the system and wear the pendants.

LTC Testimonials
Ryan Entzel | CTOLTC Solution

“We are building our company from the ground up, and started using Inovonics products for temperature monitoring in critical access hospitals. Using Inovonics, we have now expanded our offerings to pressure and humidity measurement, opening us up to five new classes of customers, and allowing us to grow our business 200% in 2017, and 400% in 2018. Thanks!”

Jim Stockwood | InvestorRastrix Monitoring

Inovonics products are the easiest to install and use, and have the least expensive repair requirements in the long-term. We’ve installed, repaired and recommended Inovonics products since 2001!”

Diana Monagas | Vice PresidentProTech Contracting, Inc.