Remote Data Logger

  • RDL8500
  • The RDL8500 remote data logger is a data logger for the TapWatch submetering system. The RDL8500 interfaces to the wireless network for collection of utility consumption data, stores the collected data, and transfers the data to a remote billing server for bill generation. A PC running TapWatch 3 software is used to access the RDL8500. The RDL8500 communicates with both Frequency Agile (FA) and EchoStream wireless networks simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Logs data for up to 2000 individually managed meters
  • Stores 90 days worth of meter reads per individual meter
  • Logs data for gas, water, electric, and run-time meters
  • Time stamps incoming data
  • LAN (RJ45) connection for direct PC connection
  • IP enabled connection via the internet through proxy server with TapWatch 3 software
  • Modem connection via TapWatch 3 software
  • Compatible with both EchoStream and Frequency Agile transmitters

Network Specifications

  • 902 - 928 MHz North America
  • 915 - 928 MHz Australia
  • 922 - 928 MHz New Zealand
Platform EchoStream

Compatible Gateways and Receivers

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