Inovonics Mobile Duress

When someone activates a body worn pendant in a school, hospital, municipal building or commercial facility, there is no easy way to identify their location. If not solved, emergency responders take extra time to find and reach people during a crisis, putting lives at risk.

Inovonics mobile duress solves this problem by delivering precise floor and room location upon pendant activation directly into your central station, access control, video management or other software application of choice, providing actionable information directly into your customer’s existing emergency response infrastructure.

Inovonics mobile duress is currently available to customers in the U.S. and Canada.


The following are Inovonics Mobile Duress channel partners.


  • Know where to go – Delivers precise floor and room level location in an emergency so responders know where to go
  • Easy to install – Works with your existing security system so no forklift upgrades
  • Quality – Developed by Inovonics so you know it works
  • Monitored – To maintain system health

Inovonics mobile duress currently has integrations in place with the providers below and we are adding more regularly. If you are interested in offering mobile duress to your customers. please contact your regional sales manager.


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