For decades, physical security, the safeguarding of people and assets in the real world, relied on a mix of physical barriers, human guards, and intrusion sensors. While these traditional methods still have their place, the rise of cloud technology is changing how we secure our buildings, assets, and staff. We’re seeing an explosion of cloud applications in security, and a fast-paced evolution in cloud standards and expectations. Cloud software applications are not only adding value to security systems today but have become a driving force in innovation.

The introduction of cloud computing offers a transformative solution for physical security. Cloud-based security systems store data and manage applications on remote servers, promising a functionality greater than any of the individual security components alone, including:

Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Management With a cloud-based physical security system, all remote monitoring can be fed into one platform, available on a user-friendly dashboard. Providing more than just simple convenience, this enables faster response times via powerful multichannel notifications that equip security personnel with the information they need when they need it.

Scalability and Flexibility for Growing Needs Scaling security systems to accommodate growth or changing needs can be complex and expensive. Cloud-based solutions offer a more flexible and cost-effective approach. The cloud ensures organizations can secure their assets and people by building upon existing systems and hardware, adding value to what is already in place. Moreover, the ability to effortlessly manage an unlimited number of devices provides unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

Advanced Analytics for Proactive Security Cloud platforms allow access to powerful alarm analytics that can transform raw security data into actionable insights. The data provided by the cloud can be automated, providing complete system visibility, helping to optimize resource allocation, identifying critical patterns, and monitoring device health and site metrics. The real-time reporting of valuable insights through a user-friendly dashboard makes it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems Cloud-based security systems facilitate a more holistic approach to security by allowing for automated responses to security events. For example, upon detecting a break-in attempt, a cloud system could trigger lockdown protocols, activate alarms, or even adjust lighting to deter intruders and assist security personnel. Moreover, the ability to integrate security systems through powerful APIs, IoT interfaces, and user tools accelerates the customer’s time to value.

Inovonics Meets the Ongoing Demand for Cloud Solutions in Security To meet the industry demand for cloud-based physical security, Inovonics has launched our own innovative cloud software technology: Inovonics Cloud Services. This advanced software tool is a natural evolution from our world-class hardware, allowing our customers a complete solution from beginning to end. Inovonics Cloud Services streamlines our technology and grants users the power to manage all of their Inovonics devices easily and reliably from anywhere.

In the words of Tom Chittenden, President of Inovonics: “At Inovonics, we’re committed to innovation, and Inovonics Cloud Services is just that – we developed this advanced software tool so that our customers could get even more from their world-class Inovonics hardware.” Inovonics Cloud Services offers faster and easier integration, as well as a cleaner and more user-friendly method for integrating other applications, such as access control and video. Users can take advantage of 24/7 monitoring of all Inovonics devices, delivering alarms and system data on one all-encompassing dashboard. Inovonics Cloud Services offers smart notifications, custom escalation workflows which can be automated, unlimited alert recipients, multichannel delivery, an alert audit trail, and advanced location for mobile devices. Advanced location is one of the unique advantages offered by Inovonics Cloud Services. Security systems have long been able to associate a fixed pendant with a specific location upon installation, but determining indoor location when someone activates a pendant on their person has been significantly more difficult to deploy.

“Because of our cloud capabilities, we can now offer location capabilities to our mobile duress devices,” says Craig Dever, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Mobile duress is increasingly in demand and we’re always looking to evolve our systems.” Physical security has come a long way from the days of simple padlocks and guards; the integration of cloud technology has revolutionized the security industry. As with the innovations that led from physical barriers to security sensors, Inovonics is evolving our product portfolio beyond traditional hardware to incorporate software services, enabling businesses to create a more flexible, scalable and efficient physical security environment.

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