Boulder, CO., May 19, 2000—Inovonics Corporation today announced they have successfully demonstrated the necessary components of a quality management system and have been awarded ISO 9001 certification. "Our ISO 9001 certifications has increased productivity and decreased our operating costs. It allows Inovonics to operate as a quality company providing consistent, high-quality products to our customers," stated Andy Drenick, VP of Marketing and Sales. ISO 9000 certification provides a variety of benefits to the company certified, and to its customers. Development of a quality management system requires that processes be documented, and brings departments closer together to work towards a common goal. Along with increased productivity and a decrease in operating costs, it also means an improvement in employee training and higher customer satisfaction. Boulder, CO-based Inovonics Corporation pioneered the use of 900MHz products in the security industry and is a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless voice and signal/ control communications products. For more information, please contact Inovonics Corporation, 2100 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301; call (800) 782-2709; or visit us at