Alarming Drawers with Billtrap Helps to Secure Cash Environments LOUISVILLE, Colo. – September 15, 2008 – Inovonics, the leader in commercial grade wireless security products, today announced the availability of the wireless EN1249 EchoStream® billtrap for use in banking and retail environments. “Placed in the cash drawer, a billtrap sounds an alarm when the baited bill is removed,” explained Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. “These in-drawer alarms are essential for cash environments, but when wired are cumbersome and difficult to install or move.” The EchoStream billtrap features the same profile and ruggedness of a hardwire billtrap, without wiring to try to fit through the drawer and register.   The wireless design also means there is no need to remove the device from the drawer daily.  The entire cash drawer can be stored in a safe or vault without disabling or removing the billtrap. The ease of use and reliability of the EN1249 is enhanced through an automatic LED indicator that lights when the device has been properly baited. The two second or ten second delayed alarm modes reduce the risk of false alarms associated with cashier errors, and the new EchoStream billtrap includes a back tamper feature that will sound an alarm when the device is removed from the drawer. Based on EchoStream 900MHz technology, the billtrap is fully supervised, even inside a metal cash drawer.  As a transmitter that is fully supported by the EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network, the EN1249 has the flexibility, scalability, and reliability to be used in nearly all financial and retail environments. The expected battery life of three to four years means the EN1249 will provide years of carefree security.  UL636 listing is pending. Product photography is available upon request.

About Inovonics

Inovonics, the global leader in commercial grade wireless sensor networks, offers products and systems for security, life safety, senior care, submetering, and other sensor and control applications. They are a leading provider of wireless physical security applications designed specifically to protect the financial, retail, healthcare, government, multifamily, multi-tenant, and commercial facility industries, all delivered on the scalable EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network. Since 1986, Inovonics has specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless products, resulting in a growing installed base of over five million radio frequency (RF) devices worldwide. Colorado-based Inovonics distributes products through an extensive network of distributors, resellers, integrators and private-label companies. For additional information, visit Media Contacts: Jason Jansky Downing Street Communications (303) 748-3300