LOUISVILLE, Colo., September 17, 2019 – Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks, announces the retirement of Dan Spark, Inovonics Northwest Regional Sales Manager, on October 1, 2019.

Dan Spark has been an integral part of the Inovonics sales team for the last 22 years. His development and growth of northwestern regional sales pipeline fulfillment process, in addition to the creation of numerous sales presentations, are just a couple of the many contributions he will be remembered for.

Eric Banghart, Manager of Global Sales at Inovonics, had the following to say: “Dan has been a hardworking and esteemed member of the Inovonics sales team. Although he’ll be greatly missed, we wish him well in his upcoming retirement”.

Following his retirement, Dan plans to relax at home in Ogden, Utah, enjoy trips to Cuba, enroll in surf camp in Mexico, and of course to ski Snowbasin all winter long.

Although Dan is an important member of the team, Inovonics wants to assure current customers that they will continue to be in the best of hands moving forward. Customers will be contacted with their newly assigned Inovonics regional sales manager prior to October 1, 2019.

We are confident that our team can and will effectively continue to serve our valued Inovonics customers in the Northwest territory.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, please contact Eric Banghart, Manager of Global Sales, at ebanghart@inovonics.com or 303-209-7298.

About Inovonics

With more than 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, Inovonics provides high performance wireless sensor networks in industries such as commercial security, senior living, multifamily submetering, commercial monitoring and commercial fire. The EchoStream® family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network, and receivers and gateways allow for integration into a variety of application-specific hardware and software head-ends. For more information, visit www.inovonics.com.