Latest offering provides new Remote Data Logger and TapWatch 3 software for easier site set-up, meter data retrieval and faster billing while incentivizing water conservation NEW ORLEANS, La. (NAA, Booth #343), June 24, 2010 – Inovonics (, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, today announced the latest release of its Remote Data Logger (RDL) 8500 and accompanying TapWatch 3 software utility submetering solution for multi-family properties. Together, the RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 combine to create the latest evolution in Inovonics' submetering systems enabling users to perform site set-up, retrieve meter-reads directly from multi-family properties and quickly generate information for billing purposes. In addition, the new submetering solution provides commercial property managers with a strong ROI and encourages tenants to conserve water. "Together, the RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 software form the backbone of our wireless submetering system," explained Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. "It gives our customers a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for the water submetering market. This latest version of both RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 offer commercial property managers the easiest and most effective way of retrieving billing information data. It allows them to save even more time on the metering, collection and billing process while doing so in a more reliable and 'green' manner." Designed specifically for multi-family properties, the RDL8500 sensor collects and stores all of the data and messages from a wireless submetering system, including all of the system readings for water, and, in some cases gas and electric utilities, in a multi-family property. The TapWatch 3 software provides the means for the initial programming of the remote data logger and for registering RF transmitters and repeaters used in the submetering system. It also gives authorized billing companies remote access to all of the vital data stored in the RDL8500. Minol USA, an Inovonics customer since 2000, has been testing TapWatch 3 and the RDL8500 in multi-family and military environments. "Inovonics' TapWatch 3 software is extremely user-friendly and has many new features, such as the scheduler that enables us to gather the information from different portfolios on different days," explained Chris Stimac, field operations manager for Minol USA. "The RDL8500 Ethernet communications capabilities gives us flexibility in installation—and combined with the new software's check-in monitor, provides the installer intelligent feedback as to the signal strength so we know the unit is at optimum performance," explained Stimac. There are several options for communicating between TapWatch 3 and an RDL8500. As in previous versions, an analog phone line or a direct-wired connection may be used between a PC and the RDL. New to the RDL8500 is the ability to connect via Ethernet. This option requires a commercial router, a public static IP address from the ISP, and configuration of the DHCP table in the router. Delivery of Inovonics' newest submetering solution comes on the heels of increasing legislation across the United States to mandate the use of water submetering in commercial properties ( Intent behind the legislation is to ensure multi-family property tenants have the information they need about their water contracts and bills, as well as the comfort of knowing they can rely on fair business practices. The rules on submetering are aimed at giving tenants in apartment buildings more control over their energy costs and allowing for greater water conservation. Key benefits of the RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 software include:
  • State-of-the-art connectivity via a built-in modem for remote access; support of 300 repeaters and 2,000 transmitters with new RDL8500 features. The RDL8500 supports connection to a standard telephone line. It is compatible with EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitters (PMTs) and Repeaters.
  • Powerful and expandable – the software architecture allows for faster rollout of new features in the future.
  • Windows 7 compatibility and Outlook-based "look and feel" with TapWatch 3.
  • Role-based access levels (Admin, Tech, View only).
  • Built-in, automatic Scheduler.
  • Dial-out or Dial in for RDL communications.
  • SQL database.
The RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 software solution is available now. For more information or to order, please visit ( or join the conversation at ( About Inovonics Wireless Corporation Inovonics is the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications. Founded in 1986, the company pioneered the use of 900 MHz wireless technology to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for mission-critical wireless applications. A leader in security and senior care markets, and the standard for multi-family submetering solutions, the Inovonics family of transmitters, receivers and control modules provide the wireless backbone for many of the world's most widely used wireless systems. Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, more than 6.5 million Inovonics wireless systems have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments, where structural limitations and multiple wireless networks can prove disruptive to lower quality systems. Working with leading OEMs and service provider partners, Inovonics provides network design and system engineering support to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies for corporate, industrial, government and educational applications. For more information contact Inovonics at (, or call 800-782-2709. Contact: Christie Denniston Catapult PR-IR Office: 303-581-7760, ext. 13 Mobile: 303-827-5164