Superior Battery Management Minimizes Service Requirements in Busy Commercial Environments LOUISVILLE, Colo. – September  15, 2008 – Inovonics, the leader in commercial grade wireless security products, today announced the availability of the EchoStream® EN1261HT, its newly engineered high traffic commercial motion detector. The new device is designed to deliver four years of battery life at 200 activations per day, the typical number of activations in a commercial environment. “Inovonics has now solved the battery limitation problem of motion sensors in commercial applications,” said Mark Jarman, Inovonics president. “Maintenance related to battery replacement is a major concern for building operations, and has always been an issue with traditional motion detectors in high traffic areas such as busy retail applications, heavily traveled office spaces, or industrial facilities.” Quoted battery life specifications often assume a relatively small number of activations, and are typically more suited to a residential application rather than use in a commercial building. The EN1261HT motion detector features a detection range up to 50 feet, as well as increased immunity to radio frequency interference, vibration, static, lighting, ambient temperature changes, and other potential sources of false activation. Product photography is available upon request.  

About Inovonics

Inovonics, the global leader in commercial grade wireless sensor networks, offers products and systems for security, life safety, senior care, submetering, and other sensor and control applications. They are a leading provider of wireless physical security applications designed specifically to protect the financial, retail, healthcare, government, multifamily, multi-tenant, and commercial facility industries, all delivered on the scalable EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network Since 1986, Inovonics has specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless products, resulting in a growing installed base of over five million radio frequency (RF) devices worldwide. Colorado-based Inovonics distributes products through an extensive network of distributors, resellers, integrators and private-label companies. For additional information, visit Media Contact: Jason Jansky Downing Street Communications (303) 748-3300