Smart, Self-Healing EchoStream Commercial Mesh Networks Can Increase Sales LOUISVILLE, Colo. - August 1, 2008 – Inovonics, the leader in commercial grade wireless security, is offering free 30-minute Webinars to dealers interested in learning how EchoStream, the next generation of commercial grade wireless, can benefit their business and their customers. The next web-based seminar will be conducted on Tuesday at 2:00 EDT on August 19. A significant advance over previous wireless technologies, EchoStream enhances network performance with increased message reliability in noisy RF environments such as retail stores with RFID tags. EchoStream products feature wireless registration, flexible receiver options, and a sophisticated site survey kit to provide for faster and more flexible installations. A software development kit is also available, for those companies that desire to develop tailor-made, user-specific applications. The Webinar is open to dealers, end-users, analysts and media members that are interested in learning about the future of wireless security mesh networks. To register for a Webinar, visit the registration page here or call 800.782.2709.

About Inovonics

Inovonics, the global leader in commercial grade wireless sensor networks, offers products and systems for security, life safety, senior care, submetering, and other sensor and control applications. They are a leading provider of wireless physical security applications designed specifically to protect the financial, retail, healthcare, government, multifamily, multi-tenant, and commercial facility industries, all delivered on the scalable EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network. Since 1986, Inovonics has specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless products, resulting in a growing installed base of over five million radio frequency (RF) devices worldwide. Colorado-based Inovonics distributes products through an extensive network of distributors, resellers, integrators and private-label companies. For additional information, visit Media Contact: Jason Jansky LinnellTaylor Marketing (303) 684-0300 ext. 122