Inovonics, a provider of wireless sensor networks for life safety applications,  announces the release of the EH4104R single zone fire RF receiver with relays and EH1115EOL single input fire RF transmitter. These devices address a market need by meeting the UL 864 (Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems) and California State Fire (CSFM) regulatory approvals, according to the company. “These products allow Inovonics to provide a commercially approved wireless fire solution in areas that are challenging to solve with traditional methods of wiring,” says Michael Um, senior product manager, Inovonics. The EH1115EOL is designed to monitor water flow and pressure in piping and post indicator valves to send an alert when a fire protection system has been activated. Using an EH4104R single zone fire RF receiver with relays and an EH1115EOL single input fire RF transmitter, the company says a wireless link can be easily created for any fire switch with standard contacts. The EH4104R features LEDs that allow the user to view the current status of the transmitter and is compatible with UL 864 10th Edition listed panels. It also features case tamper protection, jam detection and internal antennas for secure wireless implementation.