LOUISVILLE, Colo., June 5, 2019 – Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks, announces the launch of its AuthorizedPlus submetering partner program. To qualify, company technicians and personnel participate in a half-day, in-depth training session and must pass a certification test. By achieving AuthorizedPlus status these partners have demonstrated their expertise in installing and maintaining Inovonics submetering systems.

By working with AuthorizedPlus partners, multifamily housing property owners and developers gain peace of mind, knowing their submetering system has been expertly installed and can be maintained throughout its warranty period and beyond. Further, utility billing providers that prefer to focus on their core software business gain a directory of expert resources should they chose to outsource the installation and maintenance of the submetering hardware.

“Inovonics understand the value of reliable submetering hardware,” said Scott Fincher, Inovonics senior product manager. “Through the new AuthorizedPlus program, we’re helping property owners and utility billing software providers identify submetering providers that similarly do not take submetering hardware for granted.”

For the current listing of AuthorizedPlus partners please visit www.inovonics.com/how-to-buy.

Inovonics submetering partners that previously held TapWatch Certified status will now be referred to as Authorized submetering partners. Inovonics encourages any partners interested in the AuthorizedPlus program to contact Inovonics technical support or their account manager for details.

For more information about this press release, please contact Nikki Williams by email at nwilliams@inovonics.com or by phone at 303-209-7219.

About Inovonics
Inovonics, celebrating over 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, provides wireless intrusion and mobile duress devices, senior living and submetering transmitters, environmental sensors, and receivers for integration into a variety of application specific hardware and software. Supporting installation of thousands of devices across a campus, the EchoStream family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network extending the range of wireless coverage for commercial buildings. For more information, visit www.inovonics.com.