LOUISVILLE, Colo., March 7, 2017 – Inovonics announces the release of its new EN7017 survey kit and app to give security dealers and integrators a tool to help them quote wireless jobs. The EN7017 survey kit and app provides security professionals with a wireless blueprint in advance of installing devices, allowing the quick preparation of accurate quotes, assuring them that the system quoted will perform as designed and allowing end customers to see the range and coverage Inovonics provides. Mike Garavuso, the Intrusion Product Manager at ADT, had this to say: “One thing we’ve always appreciated about Inovonics commercial wireless systems is the ability to survey a site before quoting to avoid change orders. This new tool simplifies the process so we can be even more responsive to our customers, with the added benefit of proving the radio functionality right before the customer’s eyes.” In the words of Scott Fincher, Senior Product Manager at Inovonics: “Our channel partners expect to be able to efficiently and accurately quote a job, without any guesswork, and certainly without any change orders. The new Inovonics EN7017 survey kit and app answers this call, clearly letting a sales rep know when and where a repeater is needed, so that every rep can be a wireless expert – even if it’s their first time quoting a wireless job.” The EN7017 survey kit and app consists of three components: An EN1223SK survey transmitter; a portable, battery-powered EN4017SK survey receiver; and an app allowing you to use your Android or iOS mobile device to monitor Inovonics performance in real time. The survey kit is also compatible with the EN1210SK. For more information, to request images and/or to inquire about interview availability, please contact Nikki Williams by email at nwilliams@inovonics.com or by phone at 303-209-7219. About Inovonics Inovonics, celebrating 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, provides wireless intrusion and mobile duress devices, senior living and submetering transmitters, signal and control sensors, and add-on, serial and IP receivers for integration into a wide variety of application specific hardware and software solutions. Supporting installations of thousands of devices across entire campuses, the EchoStream® family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network amplifying transmissions from EchoStream transmitters extending the range of wireless coverage in all types of commercial building construction. For more information, visit www.inovonics.com.