LOUISVILLE, Colo., Dec. 18, 2019, Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks, announces it has migrated over 1,000 legacy submetering properties to the TapWatch cloud-based application. This milestone demonstrates the longevity and reliability of Inovonics submetering products, with the earliest systems dating back to 1997. This milestone also highlights the seamless migration path available to property owners, utility billing providers and system installers to cost effectively convert outdated PC-based systems to a more flexible IoT-based platform without requiring a complete hardware refresh.

Inovonics recently completed a migration from a legacy system, originally installed in 1998, to the TapWatch application. The migration process took a matter of minutes, and once completed, over 90 percent of the 20-year-old hardware successfully checked-in, demonstrating unmatched levels of reliability.

In the words of Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics, "We pioneered wireless submetering for indoor multifamily housing applications, offering customers a highly reliable solution at an affordable price. Inovonics provides property owners and utility billing providers a low total cost of ownership spanning decades of continuous use. With over three million transmitters sold across tens of thousands of properties, more customers rely upon Inovonics than any other submetering system."

Inovonics has an industry leading low field return rate of 0.05% as a result of their focus on hardware. If the products don't work, then the whole system fails, regardless of the strength of the software application. As such, the company employs a team of highly experienced RF and manufacturing engineers – some who developed the original system in 1997 – to ensure products stand the test of time. And to help customers ensure the integrity of installed sites, Inovonics has a dedicated technical services team ready to answer incoming calls in under one minute, with no answering service or third party support.

For more details or to inquire about interview availability, please contact Nikki Williams by email at nwilliams@inovonics.com or by phone at 303-209-7219.

About Inovonics
With more than 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, Inovonics provides high performance wireless sensor networks in industries such as commercial security, senior living, multifamily submetering, commercial monitoring and commercial fire. The EchoStream® family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network, and receivers and gateways allow for integration into a variety of application-specific hardware and software head-ends. For more information, visit www.inovonics.com.