93.4 Percent of Surveyed Customers Believe Inovonics Products Exceed Quality and Performance Standards LOUISVILLE, Colo., April 14, 2010 – Inovonics, the leader in commercial grade wireless security products, today announced the results of its 2009 customer satisfaction survey. Of the 296 customers polled, more than 93 percent believe Inovonics products excelled in quality and performance. "We've been told by dealers and end-users for years that they use Inovonics wireless because it simply works when and where they need it to," said Mark Jarman, Inovonics president. "The survey results are a nice confirmation that the market has tremendous faith in the reliability of our EchoStream product line." The following percentages represent how many customers rated Inovonics product performance as "Excellent" or "Good:"
  • Reliability: 94.4
  • Radio Performance: 90.3
  • Ease of Installation: 87.5
  • Ease of On-going Use: 90.6
  • Overall Performance and Quality: 93.4
Inovonics recently developed a number of short technical tips and "how-to" videos for installers available on its Facebook page at www.FaceBook.com/InovonicsWireless and YouTube. About Inovonics Wireless Corporation Inovonics, the global leader in commercial grade wireless sensor networks, offers products and systems for security, life safety, senior care, submetering, and other sensor and control applications. They are a leading provider of wireless physical security applications designed specifically to protect the financial, retail, healthcare, government, multifamily, multi-tenant, and commercial facility industries, all delivered on the scalable EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network. Since 1986, Inovonics has specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless products, resulting in a growing installed base of over five million radio frequency (RF) devices worldwide. Colorado-based Inovonics distributes products through an extensive network of distributors, resellers, integrators and private-label companies. For additional information, visit www.inovonics.com. ### Media Contacts: Jason Jansky Downing Street Communications (303) 748-3300 jason@downingstreetcommunications.com