Inovonics, known for four decades of providing wireless security hardware, plans to feature their innovative new Inovonics Cloud Services at ISC West this year. Inovonics Cloud Services is designed to leverage Inovonics’ dependable hardware and unparalleled network infrastructure to provide expanded capabilities, such as:

  • The effortless management of an unlimited number of devices, giving you unparalleled scalability and flexibility.
  • The real-time reporting of valuable insights through a user-friendly dashboard, making it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions.
  • Powerful multichannel real-time notifications that equip your team with the information they need when they need it.
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate your systems through powerful APIs, MQTT feeds, and embedded widgets, accelerating your customer's time to value.
In the words of Mike Garavuso, Director of Product Management in Security at Inovonics, “We are growing our product portfolio beyond traditional hardware to incorporate software services, enabling the security integrator the opportunity to grow their RMR when they choose Inovonics.”

Besides the specific offering of software services, Inovonics is excited to exhibit at ISC West. “I’m excited to have a presence and see our peers in the industry,” says Craig Dever, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Every year I like to see what new products are out there, as well as who works where now. And it’s always great to talk to customers. This year we hope to demonstrate that we’re back to our normal operating mode. I’d also like people to start to see Inovonics as adding value to our hardware with innovative software solutions.”

Mike Garavuso agrees. “I always look forward to reengaging with our customers and partners in the industry, along with seeing what new products and services dealers are having success with,” he says. “And with so many companies adopting a hybrid work schedule, I’m also interested to see how this changes customers’ security needs and concerns, as well as how the commercial security integrator addresses this change. We see a lot of companies downsizing their footprint, with many taking smaller suites and sharing collaborative space. These new spaces are existing construction, and still have a need for security. With the cost of labor to rewire remaining a concern, it seems that Inovonics’ commercial wireless solution is perfect for these applications.”

“We’ve always been known for our security and duress solutions,” Craig Dever adds. “And now both can be managed and integrated using Inovonics Cloud Services and add new features as well. Because of our cloud capabilities, we can now offer location capabilities to our mobile devices. Duress is increasingly in demand and we’re always looking to improve our systems.”

To learn more about Inovonics Cloud Services or to schedule a meeting with your regional sales manager out at ISC West this year, please visit:

Pictured below, left to right: Mike Garavuso, Product Management Director of Security and Craig Dever, Vice President of Sales & Marketing