The emergency events that occur on K-12 campuses are as complicated as the student body itself. Everyday violence can arise from a nearly infinite number of causes, and from almost any member of the community who happens to be in contact with the school. Inovonics designed its mobile duress solutions exactly for these types of complex and diverse environments. Once an Inovonics duress system is in place, each teacher and staff member carries a wireless transmitter to be activated in case of an emergency event. This can be when a teacher or other staff member considers his or herself to be in imminent danger, needs immediate assistance or becomes aware of a broader emergency event. With the press of a button, a call for help is sent immediately. Once the alarm is sent, repeaters located throughout the building ensure that the alarm is carried to a receiver, which then disseminates the alarm to the appropriate personnel, whether internal or external, who can respond as needed.

Complete Integration
The flexibility of the Inovonics network allows for panic buttons to be added to virtually any existing security system. Multiple partner integrations, along with add-on receivers, allow for an easy system upgrade while leveraging existing infrastructure with minimal incremental cost. Wireless systems offer distinct advantages over hardwired systems. Inovonics systems are usually installed in hours, instead of the days or weeks required by hardwired systems. There’s no need to run wires through walls, under carpets, or behind baseboards to every door, window and detection device. Likewise, once the system is in place, it is easy to move, add, or remove transmitters as needed. In schools this allows for the easy addition of classrooms and study areas. The flexibility and integrability of Inovonics duress systems also allow for a variety of responses. For instance, when a wireless panic button is pressed it can be configured to immediately initiate the school’s lockdown procedure. Having the ability to easily trigger an emergency response can save precious time when it matters most.

Single Facility to Campus-Wide Coverage
The Inovonics commercial mesh network offers superior range and performance, especially in large campuses or multiple-building sites. That’s why you’ll find Inovonics wireless at work in everything from portable classrooms to football stadiums. Inovonics pendant transmitters can be added to an existing system to provide additional security in a single building, or the network can be scaled to cover an entire multi-building campus spread over acres. Parking lots, playgrounds and out buildings can be easily covered on a single system without costly wiring, trenching or additional configuration.

Mission Critical Reliability
As is indicated by the U.S. Department of Education’s criteria of “fool-proof communication system,” there is no requirement for a mobile duress alarm system more important than reliability. There are numerous kinds of wireless technology, and most are simply not capable of operating reliably in demanding campus environments. The wireless backbone of any mobile duress alarm system must be able to withstand interference, overcome obstacles, and guarantee multiple paths from the alarm device to the receiver. The importance of reliability is impossible to overstate. Designed to move small amounts of data over a moderate range in commercial environments, the Inovonics commercial mesh network uses a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology that sends redundant messages across multiple channels to avoid interference obstacles. Due to its low latency and high reliability, the commercial mesh network is an ideal solution for security applications. The network is self managed and dedicated, ensuring high priority alarm messages are delivered without interference.

Nobody knows the extent of everyday violence better than K12 teachers and staff. All too often teachers and staff are not just the first responders, but the only responders. Teachers and staff must have the training and tools necessary to keep themselves and their students safe. An Inovonics duress system will provide the most critical component of your physical security system: The ability for teachers, to summon help when it is needed. Inovonics duress systems are available from certified dealers. For more information, contact an Inovonics sales representative by email at or by phone at 800.782.2709. To learn more and read this complete white paper, click here.