Latest installment demonstrates increasing demand and proven success of integrated wireless perimeter security system for municipal and commercial applications

LAS VEGAS (ISC West, Booth #8035), April 6, 2011 – Inovonics, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, together with Optex, the world leader in outdoor perimeter security, continue to gain traction in the security market with the implementation of  a wireless security system for a water treatment facility in Bastrop, Texas. The facility is owned by Aqua Water Supply, a non-profit water provider.

This latest wireless perimeter security installation demonstrates continued success of the combined Inovonics and Optex offering. In addition to the Aqua Water Supply implementation, Inovonics and Optex also announced today how Shumate Constructors, Inc., and Albuquerque's Armed Response Team are using the system to protect the property and assets of educational facilities throughout the state of New Mexico (See Release: Shumate Constructors Taps Inovonics and Optex for Wireless Security Perimeter Solutions). The companies partnered last year to embed Inovonics' EchoStream EN1941 radio frequency module transmitter into Optex PIR and photoelectric detector product lines.

For the Aqua Water Supply installation, Turnkey Security integrated Inovonics RF module transmitters with the Optex iSeries outdoor motion detectors for comprehensive and real-time perimeter protection. The combined Optex iSeries and Inovonics perimeter protection system provides around the clock perimeter monitoring to prevent theft, vandalism and crime in commercial and industrial settings. Additionally, Inovonics universal transmitters provide tank hatch monitoring to stop potential unauthorized access to water storage tanks.

"When Inovonics asked Turnkey Security to participate as the installer in the Bastrop facility bid, we jumped on board," explained Richard Martinez, president of Turnkey Security. "The integrated solution of Optex and Inovonics is an ideal perimeter security solution and trumps other options, such as a hard-wired system, because of its reliability and flexibility. The combined solution of Optex and Inovonics has proven to excel in commercial and industrial settings like this. It has the ability to handle a variety of different environments with the same successful, fail-proof outcome."

Aqua Water Supply was looking to improve the security system at its water treatment facility in Bastrop to avoid the expense and extra time associated with theft and vandalism. While researching the varying solutions for perimeter protection, it discovered Inovonics' universal transmitters and inquired about using the products to secure the tank hatches. Additionally, Aqua Water Supply was introduced to the integrated solution of Inovonics and Optex that provides a complete wireless secure perimeter around the water treatment facility and is incorporated into their existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

"We feel the wireless perimeter security solution is ideal because of the fast installation and reliable products that ensure a secure facility," said Bill Loven, GM of Aqua Water Supply. "The seamless integration with our existing SCADA system made implementation very easy. We are confident that this top-notch security solution is the best match for protecting our water treatment plant."

Inovonics' universal transmitters provide unique flexibility because they can be used with any control panel, allowing installers and end users to select their security panel of preference. It delivers superior reliability, range and battery life that meets the security industry's needs. Optex outdoor products offer security dealers and distributors a unique solution for enabling the industry's most reliable and trusted security perimeter system. It comes fully equipped with a sensor, battery and transmitter and can be installed within minutes, thereby saving time and labor costs.

"By implementing the Optex/Inovonics solution, Aqua Water Supply tapped a growing trend in performance and cost savings that is enabled by wireless technologies," said Mark Jarman president of Inovonics. "We are confident that our solutions at the water treatment facility in Bastrop provide unmatched perimeter security protection, and will continue to do so for years to come."

About Inovonics Wireless Corporation
Inovonics is the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications. Founded in 1986, the company pioneered the use of 900 MHz wireless technology to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for critical wireless applications. A leader in security and senior care markets, and the standard for multi-family submetering solutions, the Inovonics family of transmitters, receivers and control modules provides the wireless backbone for many of the world's most widely used wireless systems. Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, more than 6.5 million Inovonics wireless systems have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments, where structural limitations and multiple wireless networks can prove disruptive to lower quality systems. Working with leading OEMs and service provider partners, Inovonics provides network design and system engineering support to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies for corporate, industrial, government and educational applications.

About Optex
Optex Solutions and Systems Division, part of Optex, Inc., and the Optex CO., LTD. group of global companies, specializes in selling passive and active infrared and laser detection technology products for high-end security perimeter and critical infrastructure applications.

Optex, Inc. of North and South America markets products manufactured by the Optex Company Limited in Otsu, Japan. The company specializes in passive and active infrared technology solutions, control systems, and CCTV products for security, automatic door controls, and factory automation applications.