Integrated outdoor perimeter security solution protects construction sites from theft, vandalism

LAS VEGAS (ISC West, Booth #8035), April 6, 2011 – Inovonics, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, together with Optex, the world leader in outdoor perimeter security, have become the wireless security system of choice for Armed Response Team and Shumate Constructors, Inc., an Albuquerque, N.M.-based construction company that builds educational facilities in the Albuquerque area.

Inovonics' wireless sensors are embedded in Optex' outdoor security solutions and provide perimeter monitoring and protection. Integrated by Albuquerque's Armed Response Team, this combined solution has become Shumate's go-to choice for protecting project sites from vandalism, theft and unauthorized access. The solution not only has successfully protected several construction sites, but also has saved the company thousands of dollars in expenses that typically would go toward damaged and stolen equipment or customized materials from the sites.

"Between the perimeter technology by Inovonics and Optex, and the Armed Response Team's follow-up, we have seen zero thefts for all projects since installation. With the integrated wireless solution, the construction sites are monitored on a real-time basis and immediately notify the Armed Response Team upon unauthorized access," said Mark Shumate, president of Shumate Constructors. "We look at the perimeter security solution as a great investment. Annually, the cost of manpower, replacement of lost or stolen items and damage repairs could easily cost three times more than we spend on Armed Response Teams' services with the Optex and Inovonics solution."

Prior to installation of the Optex and Inovonics combined solution, Shumate secured its sites with temporary fences. Standard fencing, a common choice to secure a construction perimeter, has no way to detect when an unauthorized party enters a site and no system for notifying authorities when the perimeter is breeched.  Looking for a more effective solution, Shumate approached the Armed Response Team and asked for its help in selecting a reliable perimeter security network.

"When Shumate came to us for a solution we knew that Optex perimeter security systems enabled with Inovonics wireless sensors were flexible enough to handle the constantly changing and ruggedized environment of a construction zone. We also were very familiar with the integrated solution's long track record of success," explained Dave Meurer president of the Armed Response Team. "Optex enabled by Inovonics is reliable and immune to signal loss. Essentially, it is the never sleeping, non-blinking eye for perimeter protection."

Shumate's construction sites need a perimeter security solution that can reliably operate in a standalone environment where sensors do not have access to a power source. The solution also must have the ability to communicate long distances and handle a wide range of environmental factors, from dust and wind to extreme temperatures. The combined Inovonics and Optex perimeter security solution could easily meet these needs. By using the 900MHz spectrum, Inovonics sensors are resilient to signal interference in highly congested areas, ensuring accurate, dependable data transmission. Additionally, the perimeter security solution has been successful at reducing the amount of false-positive alerts, prompting the Armed Response Team to respond only when there is a legitimate perimeter break.

"We strive to offer the most flexible and reliable wireless sensor networks for life-safety and security applications that can be trusted to transmit critical data," said Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. "The blended offering of Optex and Inovonics for perimeter security solutions has been successfully implemented in a variety of industries. Today, Shumate Construction can rest assured that its project sites are secure and not vulnerable to theft."

About Inovonics Wireless Corporation
Inovonics is the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications. Founded in 1986, the company pioneered the use of 900 MHz wireless technology to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for critical wireless applications. A leader in security and senior care markets, and the standard for multi-family submetering solutions, the Inovonics family of transmitters, receivers and control modules provides the wireless backbone for many of the world's most widely used wireless systems. Renowned for exceptional performance and reliability, more than 6.5 million Inovonics wireless systems have been deployed in the most challenging of commercial environments, where structural limitations and multiple wireless networks can prove disruptive to lower quality systems. Working with leading OEMs and service provider partners, Inovonics provides network design and system engineering support to continuously advance the use of wireless technologies for corporate, industrial, government and educational applications.

About Optex
Optex Solutions and Systems Division, part of Optex, Inc., and the Optex CO., LTD. group of global companies, specializes in selling passive and active infrared and laser detection technology products for high-end security perimeter and critical infrastructure applications.

Optex, Inc. of North and South America markets products manufactured by the Optex Company Limited in Otsu, Japan. The company specializes in passive and active infrared technology solutions, control systems, and CCTV products for security, automatic door controls, and factory automation applications.