Metal Necklace

 The Inovonics ACC603M metal necklace is designed for use with Inovonics pendants.


  • Not Applicable


EchoStream ®

Compatible Products

  • EN1223D

    Double-Button Water-Resistant Pendant

  • EN1223S

    Single-Button Water-Resistant Pendant

  • EN1223S-60

    Single-Button Water-Resistant Pendant

  • EN1233D

    Double-Button Necklace Pendant

  • EN1233S

    Single-Button Necklace Pendant

  • EN1235D

    Double-Button Belt Clip Pendant

  • EN1235S

    Single-Button Belt Clip Pendant

  • EN1236D

    Double-Button Three Condition Pendant Transmitter

  • EN1238D

    Double-Button Dual Condition Pendant Transmitter