Site Health Report

The Inovonics site health report for IP-connected TapWatch submetering systems can be a great time saver when transferring an existing Inovonics site into your portfolio or upgrading an older site with new hardware. Your technicians time is precious so it only makes sense for them to be well-prepared for what they will encounter when they get on site. The Inovonics site health report lets your techs make the most of their time, so they minimally disrupt your customers and their tenants. Most importantly, you can get back to using the submetering system for utility billing.

To get started provide customer service with the site name along with your purchase order. You can also request the service directly using the site transfer form or when initiating a site upgrade at In five working days or less, you’ll receive a site health report from Inovonics detailing problem areas and providing specific punch list items so your techs can minimize repeat site visits.  Contact your regional sales manager for more details.

Click HERE to view a Site Health Report example.

Key Features

  • Efficiently transfer existing Inovonics site into your portfolio
  • Upgrade older sites with new hardware
  • Save valuable technician time