Intrusion Detection


Inovonics’ line of wireless intrusion detection devices are designed with today’s commercial building security applications in mind. With intrusion detection installations ranging from a single alarm transmitter to thousands of security devices across an entire campus, the Inovonics family of mobile duress pendant transmitters, universal transmitters, motion detectors, environmental sensors can connect to virtually any security system via add-on receivers or through panel integrations.

Increase Employee Safety and Building Security

Increase the commercial building safety and security with a properly designed wireless intrusion detection system. Wireless door/window sensors, motion detectors, glassbreak senors, along with our flexible universal transmitters provide the backbone for a robust commercial security system. Advanced perimeter security is also a possibility through some of our partners. For an added level of protection, consider adding mobile duress to existing traditional security intrusion systems.

Wireless Intrusion Detection Reduces Labor Costs

By installing a wireless intrusion detection system, costs for labor and materials can be reduced. Costly trenching and the labor associated with pulling wire can be nearly eliminated due to Inovonics’ wireless network. Beyond traditional intrusion detection, securing parking lots, underground structures, and retrofitting existing architecture becomes a reality even within stringent budgets.

Future Proof Security Systems

With Inovonics’ advanced repeater network, security installations are not limited to the initial installation. Additional areas and buildings can be easily added to the intrusion detection network at any time after the initial installation. Additional functionality such as panic buttons, temperature monitoring, and more can be added, expanding a traditional intrusion detection system to a more integrated security solution. By planning for future expansion using wireless as the intrusion detection system’s backbone, installations can be effectively future proof  and flexible to a degree that traditional wired security systems can only dream of.