Inovonics TapWatch Submetering Software

The Inovonics TapWatch software application is the brains behind the Inovonics wireless automatic meter reading (AMR) solution. In a process known as submetering, TapWatch receives reads data from Inovonics pulse meter transmitters that track each tenants’ monthly utility usage. A utility billing and submetering service, also known as a read, bill and collect (RBC), provider accesses this information for use in their billing system. The billing system generates a bill for each tenant based on their personal usage. Key features and/or benefits of TapWatch include:

  • Increased cash flow and operating income by eliminating variable utility costs
  • Improved net operating income
  • Increased property value
  • Improved tenant satisfaction
  • Conservation of water and other resources

How Inovonics TapWatch Submetering Software WorksHow the Inovonics TapWatch Submetering Software System Works

Download TapWatch Compatible Meters

TapWatch Compatible Meters

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Written Notice to Allow Site Data to be Provided to a Different Service Provider Company

Written Notice of Transfer to a Different Submetering Billing Company

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