TapWatch APIs Instructions & Download Links

Thank you for your interest in downloading the TapWatch API Documentation links. Please refer to the instructions and download links below to familiarize yourself with TapWatch APIs and to begin integrating them into your operations.

Instructions & Download Links:

Step 1: Download and review the TapWatch API Documentation

Step 2: Download the TapWatch YAML files to a local directory using the following links:

Step 3: Open the Swagger Editor

Step 4: Use the Swagger menu File > “Import File” and upload each of the downloaded TapWatch YAML files.

Step 5: Use the “Generate Client” option to generate code in your programming language of choice. NOTE: when prompted for a client ID in your code, please use 9qFbZD4udTzFVYo0u5UzkZX9iuzbdcJDRAquTfRk which is the client ID for TapWatch. Repeat import and generate steps for each YAML file.

Step 6: Refer to our API tutorial here or contact support@inovonics.com for assistance.