Commercial Security

For over twenty years, commercial buildings have been secured with Inovonics. The panel agnostic flexibility of the EchoStream commercial mesh network allows for a wider selection of transmitters than traditional wired systems.


Inovonics security applications range from a single alarm transmitter to thousands of wireless security sensors serving sprawling multi-building campuses.

Our wireless security products can connect to almost any security system, and offer direct interfaces with many of the industry-leading control panels. With the availability of add-on and serial receivers, you have unparalleled flexibility in your connectivity options.

Intrusion Detection

Inovonics intrusion detection devices transmit alarms when sensing unauthorized entry or activity. We have universal transmitters that detect open windows or doors, motion detectors to warn of intruders, and glassbreak detectors that indicate a broken window, door, or display case.

Pendant Transmitters

Inovonics pendant transmitters offer virtually limitless opportunities for panic alarm applications. Our line of pendant transmitters includes water resistance, single or dual button activation, the ability to send multiple conditions, and every pendant transmitter is fully supervised to ensure reliability.

Fire and Smoke

Inovonics smoke detectors are installed as part of a wireless security system, monitored by a central station. Unlike standalone smoke detectors, our smoke detectors automatically notify authorities when fire strikes, and provide alerts when maintenance is needed.

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