The EN1252 long range dual input universal transmitter offers long-range perimeter and building protection with five times more power than standard EchoStream universal wireless transmitters

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Aug. 13, 2013 – Inovonics, the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, today announced the release of its EchoStream® EN1252 Long Range Dual Input Universal Wireless Transmitter. The EN1252 is the newest addition to Inovonics’ Universal Transmitter family which also includes the EN1210, EN1210EOL, EN1212 and EN1216. It transmits at five times more power than standard universal transmitters while offering a battery life of up to two years. Its high-power and long range make the EN1252 ideal for perimeter security encasing remotely located buildings or industrial facilities where trenching cable is an expensive proposition.

“The EN1252 was designed with remote buildings and commercial properties in mind,” said Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. “With five times more power, this product provides a cost-effective, secure communications network that can serve as an alternative to a fiber or cable installation. We listened to the needs of end-users with remote sites and perimeter security needs, and added this option to our portfolio to meet their coverage requirements and low-maintenance preferences.”

The EN1252’s dual digital inputs allow for an easy integration with any standard field device and its long range capabilities are an ideal fit for perimeter security. At a location with an expansive perimeter, such as a construction site, it may be impractical or too costly to deploy wired intrusion devices. For example, if an end-user wanted to use sensors to establish perimeter security around a site spanning several miles, the EN1252 can provide communications over a long distance without the costs and labor associated with trenching, backfill and cable. Additionally, if a perimeter were to change, the EN1252’s wireless flexibility would allow for easy relocation. These features make a significant impact on the end-user’s bottom line, while offering the same benefits of a wired solution.

The EN1252 also is an FCC Part 15 Modular Grant Listed device. This offers OEMs the option to use the EN1252 as a standard field device, or remove the circuitry from its packaging and integrate it into an FCC approved design. The EN1252 ships in an Inovonics protective enclosure and can be installed directly in the field within minutes. The EN1252 is available from local authorized Inovonics dealers. Locate a dealer near you.