Long Range Dual Input Universal Transmitter

The EN1252 long range dual input universal transmitter provides five times the power of a standard Inovonics universal transmitter. It is designed for use with any standard contact or sensor that provides a contact closure. The primary alarm input is selectable – normally open or closed – and the secondary alarm input is set to normally closed only. It can also be removed from the housing and interfaced with your electronic remote application controller, enabling it to send your application-specific data over the Inovonics wireless network.

Key Features

  • 250 mW (24 dBm) output power provides five times the output power of other Inovonics universal transmitters
  • When integrated with an electronic remote application controller, the EN1252 provides complete Inovonics EchoStream functionality to your product
  • Operates using the dedicated, secure and fully-supervised Inovonics commercial mesh network to ensure critical messages are delivered
  • Housing tamper helps ensure transmitter security

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4200

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EN4216MR

    16 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN4232MR

    32 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN5040

    High Power Repeater

  • EN5040-T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN5040-20T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN6040-T

    Network Coordinator

  • EN6080

    Area Control Gateway

  • EN7290

    Serial Receiver/Interface for Honeywell

  • BAT604-12

    3.0V Replacement Battery