LOUISVILLE, Colo., December 20, 2016 – Inovonics announces the release of its new EN1751 water detector. Designed to provide affordable early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances and standing water when used with the Honeywell® FP280 probe. The EN1751 leverages the EchoStream® wireless platform currently deployed in multi-family housing, senior living and commercial security. It is ideally suited for placement in the drip pans commonly installed beneath hot water heaters, where millions of dollars are spent annually repairing damaged apartments, condominiums and townhomes.

In the words of Doug Yarger, owner of SouthCross Security:

“Water detection is a significant issue for my customers, especially for large multifamily properties. But as important as the issue is, the best solution will not be adopted if it’s not cost effective, easy to deploy, reliable and generates a positive return on investment.  The Inovonics EN1751 water detector addresses all these concerns.  So far, it’s detected two leaks and proven its value in just three months.”

In the words of Scott Fincher, Senior Product Manager at Inovonics:

“Up until now, if a property manager wanted to detect a leaky hot water heater, or a facilities director wanted to safeguard critical infrastructure from water damage, their wireless detection choices were limited.  Standard practice required a third party sensor and Inovonics EN1210 universal wireless transmitter. That all changed with the introduction of the EN1751, which eliminated the practice of home grown solutions, creating a wireless transmitter with water detection capabilities built right in.”

The Inovonics EN1751 water detector is paired with the Honeywell FP280 flood probe, and is used to transmit an alarm message when 1/4” or more of non-distilled water is present.

For more information, please contact Nikki Williams by email at nwilliams@inovonics.com or by phone at 303-209-7219.

About Inovonics
Inovonics, celebrating 30 years of commercial wireless leadership, provides wireless intrusion and mobile duress devices, senior living and submetering transmitters, environmental sensors, and receivers for integration into a variety of application specific hardware and software. Supporting installation of thousands of devices across a campus, the EchoStream® family of high-power repeaters combine to create an intelligent mesh-like network extending the range of wireless coverage for commercial buildings. For more information, visit www.inovonics.com.