Water Detector

The EN1751 water detector provides affordable early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances and standing water when used with the Honeywell® FP280, Flair Electronics® 1010-H2OS36-EN1751 probe or Flair 3010-H2OS180-EN1751 probe, sold separately.

Key Features

  • Alarms upon detection of 1/4” non distilled water
  • Tampers if probe wire is cut or disconnected
  • Fully supervised, with a 60-minute check-in interval

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4080

    IP Gateway

  • EN4200

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EN4204R

    Four Zone Add-On Receiver with Relays

  • EN6040-T

    Network Coordinator

  • EN6080

    Area Control Gateway

  • EN7290

    Serial Receiver/Interface for Honeywell

  • EN5040-T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • ACC17XX

    Programming Cable

  • BAT604-12

    3.0V Replacement Battery