EN6080 Firmware

Thanks for requesting EN6080 area control gateway firmware version 1.3.1 (July 2017).

Before downloading this firmware and release notes, please check with your host application provider to verify compatibility. After registration, we will email you a link to download the firmware.

What’s New

Inovonics has released firmware version 1.3.1 and release notes for the EN6080 area control gateway.

Firmware Version 1.3.1 – July 2017

As of July 28, 2017 (date code 17200 or higher), all new EN6080 area control gateways are shipping with firmware version 1.3.1.

We recommend this firmware update to all EN6080 area control gateways with date code 17142 or lower (shipped prior to July 28, 2017).

This release contains several fixes and added features. See the release notes included with the firmware zip file for details.

See Chapter 8 of the EN6080 User Manual for firmware installation instructions.

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Note to Developers:  Please contact your Inovonics Sales Representative at sales@inovonics.com for the latest version of the EN6080 Area Control Gateway Integration Guide.