Encoder Pulse Transmitter

Connected to a Neptune E-CODER®, ProRead™ or ProCoder™ register for submetering, the EN1550EP encoder pulse transmitter converts data from the register into a pulse count, making it the ideal choice for utility billing service providers when submetering a mixed-use or light commercial property.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Neptune E-CODER, ProRead and ProCoder registers.
  • TapWatch submetering system compatible.
  • Includes case tamper protection.

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN5040

    High Power Repeater

  • EN5040-T

    High Power Repeater with Transformer

  • EN7580

    TapWatch Gateway

  • EN7581

    TapWatch Gateway Lite

  • ACC501

    Transmitter Mounting Plate

  • ACC631

    Continuous Alarm Trigger Module

  • BAT604-12

    3.0V Replacement Battery