High Power Repeater

The Inovonics high power repeater intelligently amplifies transmission from any EchoStream series transmitter while ignoring background noise. The repeater is perfect for large facilities such as multi-floor buildings, multi-building sites, shopping malls, campuses and other open-air installations. Virtually any number of repeaters can be added to a system, scaling the system size as needed.

NOTE: For repeaters purchased after January 2023, please use the BAT851 Repeater Replacement Battery Assembly. For those purchased prior to January 2023, continue to use the BAT850 Repeater Replacement Battery Assembly.

Key Features

  • Includes backup battery
  • No wires or programming needed
  • Self configuring
  • Case tamper protection

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4080

    IP Gateway

  • ACC610

    12 VAC / 120 VAC Transformer

  • ACC653

    Serial and Power Cable with Tinned Leads

  • BAT850

    Repeater Replacement Battery Assembly