Four Zone Add-On Receiver with Relays

The Inovonics four zone add-on receiver with relay outputs programs and supervises up to four Inovonics transmitters. This receiver includes Form C relays for each output, allowing connection to any hardwire panel, or stand-alone wireless application.

Key Features

  • Add up to four high performance EchoStream wireless transmitters to any installation
  • LED allows the user to view the current status of all four transmitters
  • Five form C relays for connecting to any panel: four alarm, one fault
  • Outputs can be configured in follower, latching, momentary, or toggle modes independently
  • Case tamper protection, jam detection, and internal antennas for a secure wireless implementation
  • Wireless programming routine built into the receiver


  • 902 - 928 MHz North America
  • 915 - 928 MHz Australia
  • 921 - 928 MHz New Zealand


EchoStream ®

  • EN4204 Installation Video

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