High Power Repeater with Transformer

The EN5040-20T high power repeater with transformer decodes and re-transmits signals from Inovonics transmitters, acting as a range expander for any Inovonics EchoStream transmission that it hears. Several layers of repeaters can be employed to provide coverage of large facilities, multi-story buildings or sites with multiple buildings. The EN5040-20T high power repeater with transformer sends check-in messages every 20 minutes to allow for use in a UL 2560 certified system.

Key Features

  • Supervises for low battery, loss of line power, case tamper, back tamper and jam detection
  • Incorporates sophisticated signal management
  • Includes backup battery
  • Includes power transformer
  • Self configuring
  • Case tamper protection

Compatible Products

  • EN4000

    Universal Serial Receiver

  • EN4080

    IP Gateway

  • ACC610

    12 VAC / 120 VAC Transformer

  • ACC653

    Serial and Power Cable with Tinned Leads

  • BAT850

    Repeater Replacement Battery Assembly