High Traffic Motion Detector

The EN1262HT high traffic motion detector solves the battery limitation problems of motion sensors in commercial applications through an intelligent sleep timer and low current technology. It features a pet immune PIR detection element, and wall and housing tamper switches.

Key Features

  • Wall mount quad element PIR sensor
  • Intelligent sleep timer extends battery life in high traffic environments
  • Supervision of low battery and tamper for reliability
  • Walk test capability to help ensure functionality

Compatible Products

  • EN4200

    Security Only Serial Receiver

  • EN4204R

    Four Zone Add-On Receiver with Relays

  • EN4216MR

    16 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN4232MR

    32 Zone Multi-Condition Receiver with Relays

  • EN5040-20T

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  • EN6040-T

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  • EN6080

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